ISTEP+ Results to be released


The Indiana Department of Education will release the 2016 ISTEP+ results on Thursday, November 17, 2016. Parents should have access to their individual student’s performance.

The test scores for the Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County show a decrease in student performance. The 2016 ISTEP+ was a new test, with a new testing vendor, assessing new standards. There is no cause for alarm over the decline in the scores at Southern Hancock Schools. The data received from the 2016 ISTEP+ test, along with other pieces of data such as NWEA scores and End of Course Assessments, will guide our plan in the areas of curriculum development, student programming needs, and classroom instruction.

Upon receiving the full data reports, administrators and teachers will integrate this new information into the district’s comprehensive educational plan to ensure continued excellence in our schools.

At Southern Hancock Schools, the goal is to have an educational plan that includes administrators, teachers, students and parents working together collaboratively. We are proud of our schools and our students, and will continue the tradition of excelling as a high achieving district.


Crisis Communication


Our Community Leadership Academy met at Brandywine Elementary School last night and an interesting question about our overall crisis communications was asked, and we thought this might be a topic that others in the community would appreciate hearing more about. We talked about what happens when we are made aware of a school situation that needs immediate attention and requires us to put our safety plan into action. While we don’t share specifics of what our plan includes, we can confidently tell you how the communications piece works and how, as a parent, you can help us ensure a smooth process.

In an emergency situation the following happens (and many steps happen simultaneously):

  1. Crisis identified (weather, safety, etc.)
  2. Safety plan activated
  3. Corporation office staff is briefed
  4. Corporate office activates communication plan
  5. Safety of the children is the first priority
  6. Communication begins immediately

Parents are most concerned about the safety of their children in any emergency situation. We realize that timely information is critical for your peace of mind. We will always communicate with parents as quickly as possible and updates can be expected frequently.

A running ticker or status log of what is happening will be kept on our website. Your updates will be through the all-call system, Facebook, Twitter, the website, and the media (when appropriate) as soon as we have accurate information to communicate.

Student safety is our number one priority. It is critical that parents do not come to the building where the emergency is happening until direction is given. It is imperative that the area around the building be kept clear for those working the situation. Additional traffic and people divert resources from your children. We understand the desire to be with your child, and you will be informed as soon as possible of when and where reunification will take place.

There may be times when no children are permitted to leave the building and no one is permitted to enter the building depending on the situation. Exceptions cannot be made without jeopardizing safety. Please help us by following the directions we give at the time of the situation.

In any emergency situation, listen carefully and follow the updates. Those updates will provide detailed information (as soon as it is available) as to when and where you can pick up your child.

When you pick up your child, either at school or from another location, you will be asked to follow the reunification procedures for picking up your child that will be communicated to you during the event. This process could take a while, but it is done to ensure the safe release of your child.

Following these steps will help insure that in an emergency situation you will be provided with the best, most accurate information as quickly as possible, your children will be kept safe, and you will be reunited in a safe and secure manner.

If you have any questions about this process or any of our processes, contact Janet Mann at