NPHS students & staff help sew durable hygiene products to be delivered to third-world countries

New Palestine High School teachers Caroline Clayton and Tina Boehm are working with a group of NPHS students and a local church to create something special for those in need in other parts of the world.

Clayton & Boehm were inspired by this article written by Anne Smith recently in the Greenfield Daily Reporter. A Greenfield church started the Days for Girls initiative to sew sanitary napkins for those in developing countries. Women in some parts of the world do not have access to hygiene products. Because of this, many young girls miss school each month, fall behind, and eventually quit school.

Clayton, Boehm, and our NPHS students hope to keep those girls in school longer to help them make better lives for themselves. The reusable kits they create will give those women access to these products, which will be reusable for long as three months.

Clayton and Boehm felt compelled by the article to contribute to the program. While school was out of session for Presidents Day on Monday, the teachers and several NPHS students joined the church’s sewing group to help create and package these kits.

Mrs. Clayton says that she hopes to be able to move some parts of the project to NPHS, so the students can participate in this project on a regular basis.

The packages created on Monday will be delivered to Haiti in three weeks.