Transportation Procedures for 2018-2019

As we begin the 2018-19 school year, we want you to be aware of some changes in transportation procedures in our district.

RouteFinder Software

Newly available for this year is a website that allows you to get information about your school bus route, pickup times, and dropoff times with just the click of a button. Please visit this link and then enter your address. You may access this link on the district website in either of these locations:Untitled-2

This link is also available on the “Parents” tab at the top of the screen and on the Transportation page, found under the “Departments” menu in the red bar.

Once on this page, enter your address and you will receive stop information for your home for each school building where you have a student. We encourage ALL parents to check this information prior to the start of school if they intend to have their student ride the bus. In the morning, all NPI, NPJH, and NPHS students will be listed under “New Palestine High School” as that is where all three routes technically end. NPI & NPJH students will be shuttled from NPHS in the morning. Information for our three elementary schools will be listed separately.

If the information for your stop is different on the site than the postcard you received in the mail, please know that the information on the site is the most current and accurate information we have. In the event of a discrepancy, please use the information on the site instead of your card.

In the event you have an issue with incorrect information or no stop is listed for your address, please use the “Contact Us” form indicated below. Our Transportation Department will be happy to address that issue promptly.


Bus Food & Drink Rules

In the interest of safety for all Southern Hancock students, including those with food allergies, we request that students do not eat food while on our buses. Water will be permitted, but we also request that any other drinks (soda, juice, sports drinks) be kept inside our students’ lunchboxes until they arrive at school. Thank you for cooperating with this request.

Transportation Change Form

Also new in 2018-19 is a procedure for having your child transported to or from a different address than your home address. In the interest of student safety, we now require a Transportation Change Form to be on file for each additional in-district address you would like your student to bused to.

This form MUST be signed by a parent or guardian and delivered in person to your child’s school office. Please allow our Transportation Department 48 hours to process this change. Once a Transportation Change Form is on file for your child, we are happy to accommodate same day bus changes to the address listed on the form.

Please check with your school’s office about a potential cutoff time when those same day changes will not be accepted. To guarantee that each child is put on the correct bus, our staff may not be able to grant a last minute request.

If a Transportation Change Form is not on file, we cannot make a bus change on the same day and/or over the phone.

You need a Transportation Change Form if:

  • Your child will be bused to or from an in-district daycare.
  • You would like your child to be bused to an in-district family member or friend’s house.

You Do NOT Need a Transportation Change Form if:

  • You are coming to pick up your child
  • Your child will not be riding the bus to or from school
  • Your child is involved in an extra-curricular activity before or after school

Our number one priority is to make sure that all children are taken to the proper address in a timely and safe fashion. Thank you for your cooperation with these new policies.

As always, if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Community Relations Director Wes Anderson.