Board Business: September 10, 2018

This blog post is intended to keep you up to date on the happenings of the Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County Board of Education meetings. Please read below for a recap of the board’s August 28th meeting.

Monday night’s Board of Education meeting began with recognition for Assistant Superintendent Bob Yoder, who was recognized by the Association of School Business Officials with their 2018 Pinnacle of Achievement Award for the renovation process at New Palestine Junior High School. The Pinnacle Award is given to outstanding school business officials who complete projects with original solutions that maximize resources and enhance student achievement. By maintaining the NPJH building for several years during its closure, the school district was able to renovate and re-open the building for significantly less cost to our taxpayers than building a new school from the ground-up.

Several donations were approved for the New Palestine High School competition cheer team and the New Palestine High School Robotics Team.

This school year’s 6th-grade field trip to Dayton, Ohio and the National Museum of the United States Air Force was approved. The trip is scheduled for May 15, 2019.

The district’s 2019 budget was approved by the board. Last month, the district publically advertised the budget in alignment with state guidelines. The board held a public hearing regarding the budget at the August 27 meeting. The budget was unanimously approved.

Administrators from each school presented their building’s individual School Improvement Plan (SIP). An SIP is required for all public schools in Indiana. They include a significant amount of data research about a number of factors including attendance, grades, standardized test scores, and an analysis of curriculum. Administrators then use the gathered data to establish goals and objectives for student growth and overall school improvement. The board received SIPs from administrators at all six CSCSHC buildings at Monday night’s meeting.

A number of policy changes were put up for a first reading at the meeting. The majority of these policies were already on the district’s books, but required some adjustments. These policies will be read at a future meeting for a second meeting before being subject to board approval.

Asst. Superintendent Bob Yoder provided an update on enrollment to the board. CSCSHC’s enrollment has increased slightly from last school year to just over 3,700 students K-12.

Director of Instructional Services Miles Hercamp provided the board with an update on the delays in the release of ISTEP data. Due to a scoring error by Pearson, who the state of Indiana uses for ISTEP scoring, the public release of Indiana’s scores has been delayed.

Per board policy, an update on fundraising efforts by all district booster and fundraiser organizations is required on a yearly basis. An update was provided to the board on how much money each of those organizations has raised in all CSCSHC buildings.