E-Learning Day Reminders

Here are a few helpful reminders about how to use Canvas to access assignments on an E-Learning Day:
To access Canvas on a home device (laptop, tablet, or phone) other than your student’s district-provided device:
2. Enter the Username and Password:
  • Username: 20XXfirstnamelastname
    • XX = Graduation Year (Example: 19 for Seniors, 20 for Juniors, etc.)
  • Password: DragonsXXXX
    • XXXX = Lunch Number (Students enter this number daily to get lunch. If your child does not know their lunch number, please email your child’s teacher.)
3. Click on the student’s class on the Dashboard and find the lesson posted for students.
Office Hours
CSCSHC teachers will hold “office hours” from 10am-11am and 7pm-8pm, which means they will be immediately accessible by email during these times. You should also feel free to email your teacher outside of these office hours with issues.
If you are having technology difficulties, please call the help desk hotlines from 8am-8pm on eLearning Days:
General Technology Line (Canvas issues): 317-622-0203
Macbook Support Line: 317-620-1794
iPad Support: 317-620-1743

After troubleshooting, if you continue to have trouble accessing Canvas or the E-Learning assignments, please remember that students have one week (or five school days) to complete the material.