Board Business: December 2018

This blog post is intended to keep you up to date on the happenings of the Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County Board of Education meetings. Please read below for recaps of the board’s December 17, 2018 meeting.

Monday’s meeting began with recognition for NPHS teacher Lauren Temple and her students for a large fundraising project for Caring Place Reach, a non-profit organization that works with at-risk children, teens, and their families in the Indianapolis area. Each class held a different fundraising opportunity for CPR.  Students also volunteered at two of Caring Place Reach’s events called The Thanksgiving Giveaway and The Christmas Store. At the Thanksgiving Giveaway, volunteers walk people around collecting free groceries that they can then take home to prepare a full Thanksgiving meal for their families. At the Christmas Store, volunteers walk children through stores to help them pick out toys and gifts for those in their families and even themselves. The board congratulated Ms. Temple and her students on an incredible project for a great cause.

NPHS teacher Lauren Temple (third from left) with NPHS students

Two donations were approved at the meeting. Kroger donated $250 to the NPI Robotics Club. A community member donated $476 to be used for purchasing new books in the NPI library.

Assistant Superintendent Bob Yoder received approval for two financial measures. The board approved a transfer of money within the General Fund. Per state statute, the district must end the calendar year with a positive balance in all accounts. This resolution allows the district to transfer unspent dollars into line items where additional dollars are needed. Mr. Yoder also received approval to transfer unspent dollars in the four main funds (general, transportation, bus replacement, and capital projects) to the Rainy Day Fund for future use. As a reminder, due to the passage of HEA 1007, school finance is changing dramatically in 2019. The district will employ the use of two main funds: the Education Fund (which is “to be used as the exclusive fund to pay expenses allocated to student instruction and learning”) and the Operations Fund, which is essentially a combination of the Transportation, Capital Projects, and Bus Replacement Funds.

Director of Instructional Services Miles Hercamp received approval for the 2019 Summer School programs and Summer Enrichment Camps. The district is proud to offer the following Summer Enrichment opportunities this year: Art, Beginning Robotics, Young Readers and Writers, Bodies in Motion, Spanish is Fun, Cooking Camp, Girls Who Code, Incredible Flexible Kindergartner, Sphero Spectacular, and Outer Space Camp. We’ll have more information on these camps, including registration information, coming in January. Please note that some extracurriculars and athletics will offer their own camps outside of Summer Enrichment. Additional information will be coming in the spring about those camps.

Mr. Hercamp and Curriculum Coordinator Brian Dinwiddie provided the board with an update on the curriculum at both the district and building levels. They shared how teachers in each grade and/or subject matter have been meeting to update the curriculum for their specific students. Mr. Dinwiddie spoke about a number of initiatives within the faculty to improve and align curricula in different buildings and across the district, including the Math Leadership Group, Writers Workshop, and the Literacy Cadre. If you any additional questions about what these groups do or what their goals are, please contact Mr. Dinwiddie at