Community Forum for NPHS Renovations set for Feb. 6

The district would like to invite all interested community members to a community forum on the future renovation project for New Palestine High School. This forum will be held on Wednesday, February 6th at 6 p.m. in the NPHS Cafeteria.

It is important to note that no decisions have been made about the timeline of this project or what the finished project may look like. This forum is intended solely for our community to be able to provide input to the district’s construction team before they begin the design process.

Architects from the construction team will be on hand to talk generally about the intended scope of the project and needs that have been identified through a facilities study. They are seeking additional input regarding any wants or needs that the community may have for the project.

In the event you cannot attend, there will be an additional community forum held later this school year. You may also contact CSCSHC Community Relations Director Wes Anderson at with suggestions for the project or questions you may have.

Board Business: January 2019

This blog post is intended to keep you up to date on the happenings of the Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County Board of Education meetings. Please read below for recaps of the board’s January 14th, 2019 regular and Board of Finance meetings.

Monday’s meeting began with a swearing-in for the two CSCSHC board members that were re-elected in November of 2018.

CSCSHC board member Brian McKinney is sworn in by Asst. Superintendent Bob Yoder.

This is required at the beginning of each calendar year following an election per school bylaws.

A reorganization of the CSCSHC Board of Education took place, which is also required by school bylaws. Each officer of the CSCSHC Board of Education may only serve a one-year term. The new board officers for 2019 are President Bill Niemier, Vice President Dr. Matt Ackerman, and Secretary Dan Walker. The board must also appoint a policy liaison and a legislative liaison. The 2019 policy liaisons are Brian McKinney and Bill Niemier. The 2019 legislative liaison is Craig Wagoner.


CSCSHC board member Craig Wagoner is sworn in by Asst. Superintendent Bob Yoder.


The board approved a $5,000 donation from R.A. Pritt Electric, Inc. to the New Palestine High School Girls Softball team.

The board also approved two field trips. Mrs. Boehm received approval for the NPHS Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America group to attend the State Star Competition in Muncie on March 7-9 of this year. The NPHS band received approval to travel to New York for an overnight trip from June 4th until June 8th of this year. This field trip will replace a trip scheduled for the same time that was approved at the June 2018 board meeting.

The board approved Mr. Yoder and Ashlie Worth as the district’s treasurer and deputy treasurer, respectively.

The Out-of-District Transfer packet was approved for the 2019-20 year. These packets will be available starting on February 4th on the district’s website. The deadline for out-of-district applications will be July 19th. As always, district administrators closely monitor enrollment numbers and may petition the board to close specific buildings to transfers if that enrollment approaches a capacity set by administrators.

A resolution to transfer funds from the district’s Education Fund to the Operations Fund was approved. Per HEA 1009, which was passed in 2018, Indiana schools now operate with two separate funds for expenditures. The Education Fund deals solely with expenses related to classroom instruction, such as teacher salaries, supplies, and technology. The Operations Fund is used to pay for all other expenses such as utilities, school resource officers, custodial and maintenance staff, and transportation costs. Per HEA 1009, the district must transfer necessary funds for operations from the Education Fund.

Per state statute, the board is required to create and elect officers to a Board of Finance. Upon conclusion of Monday’s regular meeting, a special session for the Board of Finance was called to order. This board is required to meet at least once (during January, per state law) each year. Mr. Niemier will be the President and Mr. Walker will be the Secretary of the Board of Finance in 2019. Mr. Yoder then presented the Board of Finance with a summary of the district’s investments. These investments netted the district $137,000 in interest in 2018. This money will be added to the educational fund.